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Cory’s Painting understands that commercial painting is an art as well as a science. Commercial painting requires a high level of expertise and knowledge to assess the environment and how it is being used in order to achieve the desired results. You can count on the expertise of Cory’s Painting to do thorough problem assessments, prepare surfaces properly, and apply the ideal coatings to protect your property from high volumes of traffic and nature’s elements.

No matter the size of your job - Cory’s Painting will work closely with you throughout the stages of your project in order to stay on budget and complete the job on time.


An attractive, well-maintained work environment can help your company maintain employee satisfaction and put your best foot forward when clients visit. When working in offices, Cory’s Painting uses the same low odor, low dust, and low allergen techniques they developed for working in active medical environments. The special coatings Cory’s Painting uses are very low maintenance and long lasting – simplifying upkeep, extending time between painting, and maximizing your remodeling dollars.

Whether you need interior or exterior painting done, Cory’s Painting’s will work with your schedule to keep your business running smoothly.


Studies show a bright, well-maintained retail environment will attract more customers and clients, create greater repeat traffic, and produce higher Cory's Painting - Commercial Paintingrevenues. The quickest, most cost-effective way to upgrade your retail space or shopping center is a fresh, new coat of paint by Cory’s Painting. You can trust Cedar Valley’s premier painting contractor to create a unique, flawless look with top quality products while staying within your budget.

Cory’s Painting makes it their business to take your business seriously. Excellent time management skills will keep the project on schedule. Attention to detail will keep work areas clean and free of potential hazards and minimize distractions to your customers. If you own several retail facilities, Cory’s Painting will work closely with your tenants to ensure satisfaction and keep business running smoothly.


With any warehouse or distribution center, protection is critical and the primary goal is keeping goods safe, dry, and ready to ship. The paint that coats your building’s exterior is the first barrier to moisture and insects that can threaten the contents. Inside, a clean, bright environment can help prevent accidents, improve employee morale, and provide a work-space you can be proud of.

Whether the job requires a single coat of paint or is a detailed project entailing textured coatings and sealants, you can count on Cory’s Painting for quality, affordable work. We’ll keep your business running smoothly throughout the painting process, deliver quality results, and finish on time and on budget.


Continuous high traffic in schools, churches, and administrative buildings makes it challenging to keep them looking their best. CommercialPaintingContractor2That’s why Cory’s Painting uses special scrubbable coatings that are easier to maintain than ordinary paint and last far longer. These coatings are also very low VOC (Volatile organic compounds) and can be applied without having to close your building. Best of all, they are priced to easily fit into any maintenance budget.

You can rely on Cory’s Painting’s extensive experience when it comes to painting all aspects of institutional buildings, from ceilings, support steel, side walls, etc. And you can trust that we’ll stay on schedule and keep your students, parishioners, or staff safe throughout the painting process.


Fresh paint is the number one thing real estate agents recommend before putting a residential property up for sale. It’s also the easiest, most cost effective way to turn prospective tenants into actual tenants. A flawless paint job by Cory’s Painting will show them how much you care about your property.

Cory’s Painting’s takes pride on being environmentally friendly and focus on helping you stay within your budget so you can keep maintenance fees from escalating. We strive to keep areas that are used daily functioning during the project and work hard to minimize noise and clutter.