There’s never been a situation in my life when I assumed that I will write my own “man’s” story about bad performance, lost sexual drive and libido. As long as I was young, the subject of ED looked as if it was something inexplicit and ambiguous that appears normally when men become older. You can’t even think how shocked I was when I failed to perform once, twice and carried on failing like that quite long? My age is 40, but the fact I have faced impotence at such age makes me feel a grandpa, to be honest.

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My partner has been encouraging initially, but then I saw that my incapability to reach and uphold erections began disturbing her even more than me, and that’s where I started being disturbed a lot. Everyday pressure when handling business and at times at home, spirits with friends on Friday nights, intense smoking, shortage of sleep and lots of fatty foods and chips eaten by me during my whole life have swiftly turned out to be a vast disorder I had to manage as soon as possible.