The week 15 Top 25 ballot was updated with hardly any change towards the top. The top eight competitors from last week stayed the same. With Kentucky because the single unbeaten staff, the Wildcats remain because the consensus No.1 group entering the ultimate couple weeks of the growing season. Image by Gene Sweeney Jr. Images The Virginia Cavaliers survived a one stage victory over Wake Forest. They are followed Duke, and by No.3 Gonzaga. The Devils are fresh-off of the victory over Syracuse, plus they are planning within the week later for a game with North Carolina.

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All of these clubs happen to be predicted whilst the prime seeds within the NCAA tournament brackets. However, merely Kentucky is untouchable right now. The newcomer into the Top-10 is Ut. The Utes jumped up two places to No.9, ahead of Notre Dame. Utah is linked with Az for that PAC-12 cause, and so each other once more is faced by them while in the normal period. No.11 was also shifted up two locations to by Iowa. The Panthers are soaring rapidly, and might be considered a top five staff by the occasion the growing season ends.

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With only one scorer averaging number items, the Panthers get rookies, as well as loads of rating from counter people. Louisville could be the only workforce to drop-out of the most effective 10, however they werent the ACC team that is only to drop. Three locations were also fallen by Vermont to No.15. VCU is seldom possessing a spot while in the rank, however they come at No.25. After enduring a couple of cutbacks five areas dropped. They finally acquired a gain to keep strong while in the a 10 discussion race. Heres the Top 25 AP Poll’s rest. 1.

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Ky (65 first-place votes) 2. Virginia 3. Gonzaga 4. Duke 5. Wisconsin 6. Villanova 7. Illinois 8. Iowa 9.

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Utah 10. Notre Dame 11. Northern Iowa 12. Louisville 13. Wichita State 14. Iowa State 15. New York 16.

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Maryland 17. Oklahoma 18. Arkansas 19. Butler 20. Baylor 21. SMU 22. Oklahoma State 23.

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Virginia 24. Ohio State 25. VCU